Bloda's choice aims to become a creative platform connecting vintage boutique with her own designs, as well as photography and a casting agency. Curated by its founder, Anna Bloda, Bloda's Choice stands for a combination of unique choices and the highest quality. Anna Bloda, born in Poland, is currently residing in her dream place—New York City. Anna is a renowned photographer whose creative skills go beyond her own profession. As a person especially sensitive to a sense of style and contemporary culture, she possesses a one-of-a-kind vision when it comes to fashion and beauty. Bloda’s Choice is a digital place where Anna will share elements of her innovative art, like interesting faces, and her unusual clothing collection. A collection that follows current trends, but at the same time is true to Anna's own style, tailored to a larger audience. Please feel invited into Anna Bloda's world, Bloda's Choice, a place she wants to make accessible to anybody fascinated with her art and her own persona.